Autosurf earn money

Autosurf sites have become an attraction for people all around the globe, especially to students, homemakers, and all those who can spend devote time to work. It is particularly attractive to those who use the internet all round the clock. If we compare it to a job, its advantages overshadow those of the other. The timings or schedule is not strict; the working hours are not fixed, you can spend as much time auto surfing as you want, you don’t have to tire yourself with work, just open the browser and watch the ads. The auto surf websites are the virtual place where people owning different websites meet with the aim of increasing traffic to their sites. So, they are traffic exchange sites.

What do you need to get started?

You can sign up for one of the auto surf websites and become a member. Everything you need to go is your computer or laptop and an authentic internet connection. After viewing a specified number of ads, the website gains a profit. Some percentage of that profit they share with you. Many sites also give you a commission on the purchases made by your referrals or the points collected by them.

Beware of scams

One thing you need to be careful about is not to get fooled by scammers. While several official websites are available online, scams are amounting to probably the same number. You should research about the site you’re planning to join, ask friends and family members, read reviews before deciding. Your time and money are very precious. You shouldn’t let anyone deprive you of these two possessions.

What are you supposed to do?

The major actions you are required to perform can be:

Autosurfing and viewing the ads – well, the main task is this. You let the auto surfer run and display the ads being displayed on your screen. You get points or credits for viewing a specified number of ads. The criteria for payment and no of ads differ from site to site, from level to level.

Promoting the website – this is also a means of earning money. You develop the site and fill your account with cash.

Referring people – another important way of earning is by seeing people. You may see all your contacts to the site. You are paid for each sign-up, for each purchase your referrals make. You may also get a commission on their points and purchases. The commission, too, varies from website to website.

Besides these, you have a chance of earning money by using promo codes, playing games, banner prizes, daily surf rewards, watching videos, etc.

Autosurf earn money

You can convert the points or credits into real money and request a payout when you reach the minimum payout limit. The minimum payout limit is different for different websites. For some, it is $1, and for some others, it may be $5. The payment is usually made through check (if you live in the same city) or through other mediums (if you live overseas) such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, etc.